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John's independent music career started in 2007 in Trieste when he and his band started performing rearrangements of classic rock tunes as well as their own unpublished material. The shows started attracting more and more people in the audience and John felt it was his calling to connect and entertain every single one of them with what he had to offer. As John's shows started attracting more and more people, media as well as other performers started coming to see who’s that next cat in town. Soon after, the doors started opening for John. He participated in the music video “Corri” (Italian - “run”) by his maestro Al Castellana on Al’s first single album “Supafunkitch”. He participated on a radio show conducted by Ricky Russo on Radio Attività called “Trieste se ci sei batti un colpo di rock!” (translated - “Trieste, if you’re here, hit us with some rock!”). John also took the role of the singer for Ricky Russo’s “In Orbita” TV show band named “Palacinkas”. Johns band toured extensively in both 2008 and 2009 and 2009s highlight was when John had the privilege to work and perform one memorable show with Europe’s guitarist Kee Marcello in his hometown of Trieste. In 2010 John took a break from touring and spent his time on a well deserved travelling and learning vacation across Europe. It was an invaluable experience for John which made him rethink his life and his current situation. It took him some time but in 2011 John finally decided upon his next step : to release his own solo album. The fans have been asking him for it for some time now and John started working on his most valuable project so far. Working on it for over a year, in 2012 John took a break from the studio and joined a Slovenian band named “Wicked” as a singer for their upcoming summer tour. As the summer passed their partnership ended in October and in November John got signed by an Italian indie label. His first iTunes published single “God save Rock and Roll” peaked at position n°44 in the whole of Italy’s download charts. 2013. was the year of change. John moved to London UK and after some time spent working on a new track for his debut EP “Operation Thunderbolt”, Johns Indie Recording Label was forced to shut down due to unexpected issues. John found himself alone yet again and with 70% percent of a complete album. He took the recordings and decided to complete them no matter what, even if it meant working on jobs positions he couldn’t stomach himself. John started spending his own funds working day and night on the completion of his debut album. He deserved it, his fans deserved it and there was no way he was backing down this time. The album was recorded in a pure old school auto production regime with John working on every single detail of it by himself. Finally, on the 26th of September 2014, Johns self titled album “John D. Prasec” hit the shelves of Europe and Asia. The album was well accepted by the fans and critics most notably of all : in India and Japan. In November 2014 John joined Ritual (a classic NHOBHM band first line up 1973) as a lead singer for their reunion gigs, the joint venture went on till March 2015. In April 2015 John goes back in the studio and starts to write the material for what later on will became Unchained, along the way once again he managed to collaborate with incredible musicians and industry professionals, some says that he is already working on the follow up for Unchained, his closest collaborators had reported instead some interest in touring and live events, for sure he is not laying down in a blaze of glory he's working hard to serve worship music as much as he can.

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