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Interview with Marte Lisson for Gigride

John D. Prasec has travelled a good deal so far. Not only has he moved from one place to another, the past years have especially been a journey for the mind. It is Thursday evening as we meet at the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington, John D. Prasec, his PR Manager Gabby and I, to talk about

John’s way from Northern Italy to the capital of the UK that has been the ground for his forthcoming album Unchained.

John Prasec EP  - Review By Frenzy fire

Overall, hard hitting and hard rocking, this is five songs of pure, in your face, swaggering heavy rock. Superb guitars and vocals, this is a must listen.

John Prasec EP  - Review By Divide and Conquer

 Rock was meant to be fun and in this day and age a lot bands forget that. Bands like U2 and Coldplay have inadvertently made countless bands take themselves too seriously and have to have some kind of message in every song. Prasec doesn’t have any of that and instead focuses on the enjoyable parts of rock, which are all but forgotten within the mainstream and far too infrequently within indie circles.

Unchained - Review By Frenzy fire

If you're looking for a light hearted, feel good, fun rock album, then this may just fit the bill. Go on, take a listen and you may just agree with me.

Overall, an intriguing journey through sleaze rock/blues rock with foot tappingly addictive songs with a feel good party vibe.

Metaltalk -2020 Tour review

John Prasec, a self made musician with no management, label or financial backing, has managed once again to travel to the other side of the globe to keep spreading his music and message. With the help of local bands this second tour of Argentina has been possible. This tour shows the true meaning of something very unusual, as in Argentina not so common for foreign bands to play in their underground metal scene. 

John Prasec will be touring alongside the band NOS (Nuestro Oculto Sentido) and other local bands varying from city to city, giving them the opportunity to showcase themselves in front of larger than usual crowds in great venues. We wish them the best of success.

Radio Atilra -Live Show Review

Siguiendo con la noche, era el momento internacional. La banda del señor John Prasec se subía a las tablas de Casa Colombo para brindar un show de rock que nos transportó a los años 80’s, dando inicio con “Iron Horse”, “Take a Look”, “The One  “Master & Demons, Give me your heart”. Un show a nivel internacional al alcance de todos. De yapa nos regaló un cover de Iron Maiden “The Wicker Man” con una presentación muy carismática y energica que puso a todo Colombo a cantar. Se despidió con el tema “Unchained” y nos regaló un cover más esta vez de Ozzy Osbourne “Bark at The Moon”. Un show impresionante! 

Webshop -Now online!

John Prasec partnered up with Teemill to bring to you some awesome merch, chech it out and wear it like a rockstar!


During months that felt like the end of the world as we knew it, music has more than ever been a pillar of mental health, a source of comfort, and a door to freedom for the soul.

This collaboration features five musicians that have been in lockdown across 3 different Countries (Italy, UK, US).
Some of us hadn't played together (nor had seen each other) in years. Some hadn't played together ever before. Some love each other like brothers from different mothers. Some didn't know each other before.


Paolo Perazzani (Siylit, ex Arthemis) - Drums
Andrea Lonardi (A New Tomorrow) - Bass & Vocals
John D. Prasec (Solo Artist, Voltstorm) - Vocals
Daniele Panza (Solo Artist, ex A New Tomorrow & Metalworks) - Guitars
Gab Soulavy (Stonehenge, ex Inglorious & Metalworks) - Keys

Mixed & Mastered by Alessio Garavello at Rogue Recording Studios, London UK.
Video production by Michael Kew

John Prasec En vivo - Live Album release confirmed

L.B.C. Records confirmed the release of John Prasec En Vivo  - Live in Argentina for March 2nd 2023.

The album features tracks recorded during the Masters & Demons Tour 2020.

The album has been mixed & mastered by Alessio Garavello at Rogue Recording Studios, London UK.
The Pro shot live videos of the Cordoba show are available on John's youtube channel.